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-2014 to Present    JMH Audio
                                                Edmonton, Alberta      

- Company created specifically to design and engineer Audio Post Production for Independent and Commercial Film Productions. 
- Own and operate an Avid Pro Tools HD Native system with an Omni I/O system recording up to 12 channels at once. Pro Tools 12.6.
- The program runs on a  Mac Pro 6 Core system, and multiple hard drives including a Raid system Dual recording drive to ensure errors are eliminated    with the original materials.
- Approximately 100 Plug-ins including the Waves Diamond Bundle are part of my arsenal.
- I am a Full Member of the Audio Engineering Society.

-My most recent major production was the Audio Post Production of the feature film Lake Shore Drive by Shreela and Kash of Rock Paper Films, in October and November 2017.

1996 to Present   Film and Video Arts Society, Alberta (FAVA)
                                         Edmonton, Alberta

-President 1997-2002, Production and Audio Chair 2005-2009, Production Committee 1996-1997, Lifetime membership awarded.
-Responsible for promoting the work of FAVA with Governments and Private Industry.
-Designed, worked with client companies, participated in the installation and operated the first $100,000 Pro Tools Post Suite at FAVA.
-Nominated for the Lifetime Achievement in the Arts award by the National Film Board and FAVA, as part of the Mayors Awards for the Arts in the City of Edmonton.

1981 to 2013     Solo Productions, Blue-cap Productions & Sound Trek
 Multimedia, Video & Audio Production Companies
                                        Edmonton, Alberta
                                        Owner & General Manager

-Analogue and Digital Audio recordings since 1981. 
-Produced audio recordings as well as created soundtracks and edited film sound using the Pro Tools digital audio workstation.
-Audio CDs for musicians, storytellers.
-Produced & directed “Inuit Throat singing” in 2010,

-Multiple music recordings including: two Measure for Measure albums, two albums for the German Men’s Chorus and multiple one offs for musicians.
-Produced and directed the videos Heartland in 2002 and Moving Toward Harmony in 1996.
-Produced and directed the film Festival in Josephburg in early 1990s.
-Audio design and engineering including LRT by Deanna Kayne, l’autre bicyclette by Helen Folkmann, sound recordist and postproduction for Tom Bernier, sound recordist on a video production of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
-Taught Pro Tools digital audio workstation classes and a number of History of Film classes at FAVA.

1980 to 2015    Program Resources Branch Edmonton, Alberta Education
                                                  Edmonton, Alberta
                                                Audio Services Unit Supervisor

-  Supervise production of all built, recorded & duplicated materials.
 - Narrated close to 200 books and engineered another 200 books for students with a disability.

-  Create digital media productions as needed.                                  

1982 to 2014        Josephburg Choral Society
                                                  Josephburg, Alberta

-Technical Director for the Josephburg Choral Society for 32 years.
- Participated in production of 5 CDs and audio engineering & creation of 2 albums for the organization.
-Former member of the Josephburg Men’s Chorus, singing Bass in the Chorus for 36 years.
-Volunteer time averaged about 200 hours per year
-Designed, purchased, maintain, and responsible for repair of  $40,000 in live sound system equipment, for touring shows.

Additional History:

-A Journalist for The North American Moravian Magazine in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, creating a monthly section called “the Arts and Media Exchange”.
-Chief Lighting Designer and Film Projectionist at the 350 seat Seeley G. Mudd Theater, Southern California School of Theology in Claremont, California from 1973-1976.
-Employed at the Flaherty Study Center in Brattleboro Vermont and involved in designing and creating public film showings, working extensively in 35mm & 16mm film editing and  trained in archival film preservation and nitrate film handling.
-Discovered and helped to refurbish the first 35mm film shot by Robert Flaherty in 1916, the world’s first documentary filmmaker. His most famous work is Nanook of the North.