Pro Tools HD Native System

Pro Tools Omni I/O PreAmp and Inputs

Mac Pro 6 Core

Mackie 16 channel Analogue Mixer

Speakers: Yamaha 5:1 Surround, 2 Channels ElectroVoice

Plug-ins: Waves Diamond Bundle with 60 plug-ins including EQs, Compressors, Limiter, Reverbs; Isotope RX6, Izotope Ozone 8, Izotope Nectar 2, ReVoice Pro 3, 10 Virtual Instruments, Celemony Melodyne 4, many additional EQs and Compressors, multiple special effects plug-ins.  

Multiple Microphones

Audio post production

I am a Pro Tools Post Production engineer and sound designer.  I have been creating meaningful sound tracks for video for over 15 years.  Good audio transcends and enhances the viewer's experience.  I believe Audio is a key element in all productions.

Perfect your video productions